Why should you work with a Virtual Assistant?

As a small business owner, you want to see your business grow – but you also know you can only work the hours you’re physically capable of working. Listen to the gurus and the solution is to stop trading your time for money and create recurring streams of income, but THAT takes time too – and is especially difficult when you’re ALREADY short of time!

In order for your business to expand and grow, you need to start looking at getting in help – and a VA can be both a smart financial investment AND a sanity-saver. So what are the real reasons WHY you should work with a Virtual Assistant?

Save on your biggest commodity – time

As mentioned above, time is your most valuable resource and, regardless of how busy you are or how much work you want to get done, you only have 24 hours available to you each a day.

It’s time to stop trying to be superwoman and get smart with your time. After all, the reason you went into business was to spend your time as you saw fit, right?

Do the tasks you’re not currently doing

save time with a Virtual AssistantWhen it comes to our businesses we ALL have tasks we know we SHOULD be doing, along with tasks we WANT to start doing, but we’re just not doing them. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will help you get those tasks started – either by someone else or by freeing up your time so you CAN do them.

Help grow your business

Are you working IN your business or ON your business? Are you being so busy being a sole-preneur, that you’re limiting your ability to work ON your business and grow it?

Become part of a team

It can be lonely working for yourself – especially when you work at home. Hiring in additional help can enable you to realise you’re building your very own team, meaning you’re no longer working on your dreams on your own.

Professionalism and established business status

A Virtual Assistant can help you establish yourself, both as a professional and as an established business – especially if your Virtual Assistant takes your phone calls and answers emails etc.

Gain skills you need but don’t have

become expertAnother great benefit of hiring a Virtual Assistant is you gain access to an additional set of skills. When we work for ourselves it’s easy to get into the mind-set that we have to learn everything we need (skill-wise) to be a success. Whereas, in reality, you can actually hire someone who already has those skills –meaning you can concentrate on what you’re good at AND you save masses of learning time!

Social media account management

Finally, your Virtual Assistant can manage your social media accounts for you. This one activity can take a massive amount of your available working time, so why not look to pass it over to someone else? Not only will your social media accounts become more active, your brand, reputation and expert status will grow too.

Do you agree with my reasons for hiring a Virtual Assistant? If you already have your own VA, what was the deciding factor for you? Maybe you haven’t yet hired a VA, what are your reasons around not doing so yet – and what is the one action step you can implement, to get the ball rolling? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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