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YES helps busy global entrepreneurs & SMEs with organisation and administration

YES is a virtual PA organisation that was born out of frustration with the inflexibility of many business models for engaging back office support staff.

The new way to get assistance when you need it.

So many businesses and entrepreneurs don’t actually need a full-time Personal or Executive Assistant (PA or EA), or administrative support and many don’t even need part-time support. But they do need something… just a few hours a week or month is often enough to increase clarity, serenity and productivity in a business, or even home life.

But where to find high quality professionals ready to work these hours as and when you need?

You can find them here at YES.

Virtual Assistant

Say YES to achieving clarity, serenity & productivity!

YES is a small, carefully selected network of expert Personal, Executive and administrative Assistants with different specialisms: 

They work virtually with small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who need help with personal, professional and office administrative and organisational tasks.

 A YES Assistant will work with different systems in order to provide the best possible service, including task management and communication tools, such as Slack, Asana, Trello and Todoist.

Virtual PA Office Team
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Here’s an example of what you can expect!

inbox  An organised inbox
calendar   A manageable diary
check-mark  A systemised to-do list
file-system A structured filing system
 Professional client liaison
speech-bubble  Bilingual communication and translation skills
keyboard  Accurate typing & document creation
database  Orderly database management
notebook  Clear meeting notes
socialmedia  Effective social media administration
gift-box  Impressive corporate gifting
bookkeeping  Efficient bookkeeping
graphic design  Eye-catching graphic design & website updates
recruitment  Well-structured assistance with your recruitment processes.

Virtual PAs: An Alternative Solution…

YES: Your Executive Secretary

is masterminded by Suzanne Ekpenyong, who worked as an in-house Personal and Executive Assistant in Paris and London before devising alternative, more flexible and tech-friendly solutions for the profession. Not all businesses need in-house support, all of the time. Suzanne’s wealth of experience in international companies across a range of industries, such as finance, executive search, fashion, luxury goods and the arts ensures that YES works with the flexibility that clients require.


Suzanne Ekpenyong - Your Executive Secretary Virtual PA Business
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YES: Your Executive Secretary

began as a cost-effective alternative to employing an in-house PA or EA, providing first class back-office support to clients on a freelance and virtual basis. Today, YES has expanded its offering and also provides additional services, such as bookkeeping, graphic design and human resources administration.

YES: Your Executive Secretary

is a freelance and flexible virtual PA service which is paid on invoice, and not through PAYE – which means: 

● NO pension contributions 

● NO sick pay 

● NO holiday pay

As services are offered remotely, YES can therefore be accessed from anywhere in the world. Take YES with you as you travel, or open an office in a different location. You only pay YES for the hours that you need, giving you an option that is more flexible and affordable option than employing an in-house Executive or Personal Assistant.

YES: Your Executive Secretary

is very different to a temp agency – there are no minimum hours and, as it is a bespoke service you’re likely to work with the same team members whenever you use the service. In addition, every team member is 

● fully trained

● insured 

● GDPR compliant 

● registered with the ICO for data protection (if UK based) 

● ready to use their own equipment.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our ‘three Cs’ core values of commitment, confidentiality and communication.

Number 1

We are fully committed to our clients’ goals and the importance of ‘giving’ them back valuable time.

Number 2

We value our clients’ privacy and will always treat work as confidential unless told otherwise.

Number 3

We prioritise clear communication amongst the team and with our clients.

We want you to make the right choices for yourself and for your business and we are confident that our flexible service will save your business both time and money.

Please get in touch for an open and no-obligation conversation about what YES can do for you and your business and exactly which tasks we would be able to take off your hands. We’ll also explain to you the practicalities of working together virtually and what information you need to share and how to do that safely and simply.

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