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Saving time for other people is our focus, so we’re sharing our favourite tools that we have researched, tried and tested … so you don’t have to!

The selection below is designed to to help you to run your business more smoothly. If you have any comments or questions at all, or perhaps would like a recommendation for a different tool or service, then please do get in touch.

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Being Insured


Having proper insurance protection is vital to running a business. You always have to think of the ‘what ifs’. We highly recommend our broker, PolicyBee, who provide hassle-free protection for freelancers, sole traders and limited companies.

They’re so helpful and friendly too and really quick to answer emails.

If you mention Suzanne Ekpenyong at Your Executive Secretary then you will receive a £20 discount.

Tel: 0345 561 0320

Have you heard of Crowdfire?

If you haven’t then it’s worth taking a look: Crowdfire monitors your social media accounts in real-time and figures exactly how you can grow your accounts.

  • It takes you through a few quick tasks everyday that are personalised to your goals
  • It finds content that your audience will love and suggests the best time for you to post it
  • Uses analytics to bring more traffic to your shop, blog, videos

… and much more!

Check it out!

A lot of what it offers is totally free, or you can upgrade to the paid version.

NB Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning that YES receives a commission if you decide to make a purchase through it (at no extra cost to yourself)

Making Money!


Your pension! That thing that’s so easy to put off but is actually really easy to sort out… Well, it is with Penfold anyway. Penfold is designed for self-employed workers – it’s online; almost effortless to set up and completely flexible to run. What’s more, it only takes a moment to initiate the transfer of old pension pots and you can pause your contributions at any time. Sign up using our link and get a £25 bonus into your pension pot. Penfold is regulated by the FCA. When you put money in a pension, it’s an investment, and like all investments, your capital is at risk. Check for benefits before transferring.

Getting Organised

Giving Presents

Being Social

VA Trainers/groups

Working Virtually

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