Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

Striving to get a better work/life balance into your life? Know that you need some support, but that there’s not enough tasks to do or budget available to justify a full-time or even part-time appointment?

YES offers the alternative solution—the professional personal assistance you want, ready to work the flexible hours you need.

If you thought time was the one thing money can’t buy, we’re here to change that.

Our Personal Assistants are ready to take time-consuming tasks off your hands. So, you get more time to do other things in life, away from your hectic job.

Don’t let to-do lists keep on growing, putting a strain on your relationships and well-being.

Get some serenity.

Call on our Personal Assistants to help with:    

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●  Ensuring your household paperwork is up to date (including bills)

●  Handling correspondence

●  Managing diaries

●  Carrying out online filing tasks

●  Giving you reminders

●  Taking care of travel and holiday plans, including booking tickets and reservations

●  Personal shopping

●  Planning events such as parties, dinners, and baby showers

●  Managing household staff

●  Booking appointments

●  Arranging a house move

And many more…

A personal assistant to help manage your private life? A great idea made all the more compelling by the flexibility of YES who give you access to the help you need for the hours you need it.

To discuss your lifestyle management requirements, please call us on +44 (0) 203 411 5992 or fill out our contact form here.

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