Can a VA manage my social media?

When it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), there is one common question that keeps cropping up – what can a VA do for me? Most small business owners are swamped with work and dream of hiring in help – but they don’t know WHAT help they can pass over to someone else!

Hiring a VA to manage your social media accounts is a great start as yes, they CAN manage it for you. The smart business owner knows that social media IS an important part of their overall business strategy – they also know that it’s a sensible investment – both in terms of finances and time.

Your current social media situation

time on social mediaLook at how many hours managing your social media is already taking you. Do you KNOW how much of your time is spent on social media? Are you even spending time on your social media – or do you just not have the time?

I’m willing to bet, you’re potentially looking at a minimum of 1-2 hours of your valuable work time, disappearing EACH day on social media. That’s the equivalent of losing one working day a week. How is that working out for you? Are you spending that time interacting on your page – or are you using it to just keep on top of the notifications?

The vast majority of the time we spend on social media is actually UNPRODUCTIVE time. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to focus on just the personal interaction? How about building on engaging your clients? Isn’t it time you passed the other stuff over to a Virtual Assistant?

What a VA can do on your social media accounts

The next question you may have is this – WHAT can a VA actually do on my social media accounts?

There is SO much a VA can do! Here is a brief overview to get you started:

  • social mediaSchedule your posts
  • Work on promotions
  • Research and draft content
  • Find interesting quotes and images to use
  • Set up and monitor alerts and feeds to monitor use of your name and products (using Google Alerts or Tweetdeck)
  • Follow, friend and connect with suitable contacts (based on predetermined criteria)
  • Unfollow spam and inactive accounts on Twitter
  • Thank new followers
  • Interact with the biggest names in your niche
  • Post simple updates and questions
  • Create monthly reports to coincide with your social media goals
  • Run contests and competitions
  • Keep an eye on your competition,
  • Compile a social media plan – a checklist of both the recurring tasks and the promotions you’d like to run.

So with so many tasks you can potentially pass over to a VA – instead of thinking HOW can a VA manage my social media, don’t you think it’s time to start asking WHEN can I get a VA to manage my social media!

Have you worked out how many hours a week you spend on social media? Do you think you need to spend even more or less time on it? What are your thoughts regarding hiring a VA to manage your social media? Why not share them in the comments box below!

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