Can a VA blog on my behalf?

When it comes to your blog content, it can be really time-consuming! You know you need to blog regularly, in order to build your audience, your email list and your tribe. However, finding and creating content for your blog can be a real drag on your time. So should you hire a VA to blog on your behalf?

Which camp are you in?

I believe there are two main areas your business can fall into and, depending which camp you’re in, will dictate whether you outsource your blog to a VA.

blogThe first camp are those businesses who have built their business on themselves and their teachings. For example, think of someone like Kat Loterzo, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Brendan Burchard. They have a distinct voice, a message to share and THEY are their business.

The second camp are those who sell products and services based on what they know. Most sole-preneurs are in this camp. Think of Marie Foreleo, Jeff Walker and Joanna Martin. They still have a message to share, but the products and services they sell are based on set formulas and ideas.

Who can outsource blogs to a VA?

If you are in camp one – you really should write the content of your blogs yourself – however, you could outsource certain elements of your blog (see below for ideas). What you say and how you say it IS your business – and it is this that makes you unique.

Camp two however, this is something someone else COULD blog about, if they’re given details, plans and overviews of you and what you do.

What blog-related activities can I outsource?

Apart from outsourcing the actual writing of your blog posts, there are lots of other blog-related activities you could outsource to your VA. These include:

  • blogInstall important plugins and theme updates, along with WordPress updates
  • Keyword research
  • Generating blog ideas
  • Create an editorial calendar and/or social media schedule planner for you
  • Draft blog posts
  • Schedule blog posts
  • Optimise your site for SEO
  • Manage and respond to comments
  • Transcribe audio and video into blog posts and/or ideas
  • Find images for your posts

When it comes to outsourcing any blog-related activities, you need to give your VA adequate information to ensure they can complete the task to the best of their abilities – whether that’s writing and managing your entire blog and website or compiling data for you to write your own posts.

How do you feel about outsourcing your blog to a VA? Do you feel that a VA could manage it for you or do you feel it’s something you should be doing yourself? Why not share your views in the comments box below!

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