How can a Virtual Assistant manage my diary remotely?

Virtual Assistants (or VA’s) can manage a variety of tasks for you, however one of the most popular roles a Virtual Assistant is hired for is managing an online diary. This leads to one of the top questions asked by business owners – “HOW can a Virtual Assistant actually manage my diary for me?”

Managing a business owner’s diary is made really simple for all parties involved, thanks to an assortment of great software options and easy access to the internet.

Google Calendar

One of the most popular tools in a Virtual Assistant’s toolkit is Google Calendar, a calendar that is run online via your PC or laptop. It can be simply and effectively synchronised with Outlook – making it a great choice for small business owners.virtual assistant calendar management

If you need to have access to your calendar whilst out and about, this too is achievable, thanks to the Google Calendar app, available for your mobile phone, regardless of whether it’s an android or iPhone.

You simply have to give your virtual assistant their own access details, via the Google Calendar setting panel.

Arranging appointments and meetings can be time consuming

Arranging appointments and meetings can be time consuming. Sometimes it’s just a quick phone call and the appointment is arranged. However, there will also be times when arranging a meeting can get quite stressful for you, especially when there are several people involved!

This will then include having to email all the potential attendees, set a date and time to chase them up is you’ve had no response, telephone if email is getting no response and ensuring all updates and changes are fed through to all the other meeting attendees.

Benefits of having a Virtual Assistant manage your diary

On a basic level, apart from keeping your diary updated, the benefits of having your Virtual Assistant manage your diary therefore include:

  • All appointments are confirmed and checked in advance, so you don’t have any wasted trips.
  • Your Virtual Assistant can book essential appointments for you, on your behalf – and group meetings that are in a similar location together, ensuring both your time and travel are utilised to maximum benefit.
  • diary managementAny changes to your meetings are handled via the Virtual Assistant, alleviating the stress for you.
  • Any amendments and cancellations are dealt with and automatically fed back to you, either via a call or text, saving you time and stress.
  • Essential paperwork and information packs that are needed for meetings can be compiled and sent out to your meeting attendees, prior to the meeting date.

Your Virtual Assistant can also attend conference calls and meetings to take down accurate notes and minutes of the meeting, if needed.

Having a Virtual Assistant manage your diary is so much more than just organising your time. It’s about ensuring your business is both professional and streamlined, leaving you free to work on what you do best – growing your business.

Do you currently have a Virtual Assistant managing your diary? What’s the biggest benefit from doing this? If you don’t currently have your diary managed, what’s the one thing that’s stopped you? Why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below!

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