Benefits of entering business awards

Business awards give both small and large businesses alike, the opportunity to recognise their achievements. Small businesses are the bedrock of our economy, and business awards are a great way of publicly acknowledging those that excel and stand out.

However business awards provide ample benefits to everyone who enter, regardless of whether they’re the eventual winners or not.

business awardThe opportunity to assess your own business

The very act of filling out a business award form gives you the chance to assess your own accomplishments and gain valuable perspective on your own business.

It gives you the opportunity to take a step back – and this is essential for the small business owner, as we’re often so busy running our business, we don’t always get to see the bigger picture coming into play.

The chance to stand out

Business awards give you the opportunity to raise your head above the other businesses in your niche. When you enter a business award, you show you are willing to have faith in your company and put yourself out there – and this makes your business even more attractive.

It gives you the chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors, as well as helping you secure potential investment and attract new team members.

Networking and contacts

business awardMost awards are judged by prominent players in your niche and industry. Entering a business award gives you access to these business leaders and, potentially the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and advice from them too.

You also have the opportunity to interact with others who have entered into the same business award, as well as networking opportunities at the actual awards ceremony etc. This provides you with the chance to build a great network of contacts, as well as potential support etc.

Having fun!

Let’s not forget that business awards can be fun! They give you the opportunity to mingle with different businesses, potentially at a glitzy place, with a meal and great evening out – a great opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate your achievements – so why not have some fun in the process!

Not all awards will be right for you

It takes both time and energy to enter awards, especially as the application forms can be quite in depth! You therefore need to find the right one for your business, so look for those areas where you currently excel, before selecting an award that matches those strengths.

There are so many benefits to be received from entering a business award, regardless of whether you are nominated or win. So why not take the opportunity to appreciate how far you have come and what you could potentially receive as a result? After all, you have to be in with a chance!

Have you entered any business awards? How did you find the whole process? Maybe you like the idea of entering, but have been putting it off? If so, what was your biggest takeaway from today’s post? Why not share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below!

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