Benefits of attending a professional industry show

Professional industry shows give small business owners ample opportunities – whether you’re looking to just attend a show as a visitor or participate as an exhibitor.

Benefits of attending as an exhibitor

Targeted leads and qualified buyers – Visitors to a professional industry show are there for a reason – and often that’s to buy. They’re showing their interest by being there and therefore, it gives you a powerful platform to meet potential new customers. Continue reading “Benefits of attending a professional industry show”

Webinar software options

Hosting your own webinar can be a lucrative and smart move to make. It enables you to totally maximise your time, as well as getting you in front of a large number of potential clients, at any one time.

There are only two real downsides to hosting your own webinars – addressing any potential fears you may have over speaking in front of a camera, and knowing how to actually host it!

With several different free and paid-for webinar software options available, here is an overview of the most popular ones. Continue reading “Webinar software options”

Guide to writing a press release

The aim of a press release is to raise awareness in your target audience – it’s to keep you (or the company you are writing the press release for) on their radar, by sharing relevant information about you in the media. However, writing a press release doesn’t have to be difficult… if you use these guidelines to help get you started. Continue reading “Guide to writing a press release”

How can a Virtual Assistant manage my diary remotely?

Virtual Assistants (or VA’s) can manage a variety of tasks for you, however one of the most popular roles a Virtual Assistant is hired for is managing an online diary. This leads to one of the top questions asked by business owners – “HOW can a Virtual Assistant actually manage my diary for me?” Continue reading “How can a Virtual Assistant manage my diary remotely?”

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