How to collaborate with your VA on projects

Handing over an entire project to a VA can be hard for any business owner. You want to pass the job over, but may also want to have an input in it, to ensure it’s heading in the direction you want and is being managed effectively. If you have trust issues or struggle to let a project go, collaboration could be the answer you’re looking for.

Collaborating jointly with your VA on a project is an excellent idea. Not only does it allay the issues and struggles you may have over handing an entire project over, it also enables you to have a more hands-on role. But how can you effectively collaborate with your VA on projects?

This is where some of the online software options and platforms come into their own. Here is my list of programs you can use, to ensure you collaborate with your VA easily and effectively.

Google Documents

Google documents gives you an easy way to share files and spreadsheets with your VA – but it’s also great when you want to interact, chat and amend documents at the same time. You can restrict access to specific files and block them from being downloaded or printed too.

Google Documents is a web-based application that’s free. There’s also a Google App for your mobile phone, making it really easy to stay in touch and see the activity on your documents. You can find out about Google Documents here.



Manage any project (from simple to-do lists to full project management) in one place. What’s great about Asana is it removes the need for emails, as you communicate via the project workspace.

Asana allows you to allocate projects to your VA, add your own notes, comments and attachments. It automatically updates tasks once they’ve been completed, by removing them from any to-do list. Asana is free to try, if you have a team of under 15 members.


Highrise is a contact management system. You can track people, conversations and tasks – so you can share tasks with your VA, allocate tasks to them, and also share documents and contact information that relates to specific tasks too.

Highrise has plans from $24 a month (for up to 6 users). They also have a free plan that only allows 2 users – so this may just be what you need, if it’s only for you and your VA. You can find out more about their plans here.


Evernote gives you the ability to store ANY kind of note – whether image, photograph, written notes, voice recordings, web link or chart. With Evernote for business, you can give team members access to a central workplace, where they can access notes, files and have in-app discussions.

Evernote for Business works on any electronic device and is £10 per user, per month.


A web-based project management tool that allows you to collaborate on any task with your VA, whilst also allowing them to send status reports on their progress. Basecamp is great for those who work on the hop – as it’s available online, via email and through your mobile phone.

Basecamp also offers free weekly 30 minute online classes with Q & A facility – so perfect if you need a bit of help getting the most from it! They also offer a free two month trial. Basecamp pricing is then $20 a month for unlimited users and up to 10 active projects.


Trello allows you to plan projects and manage your ideas. It’s less rigid than Asana and similar to Evernote, in visual terms. You can invite others to join your boards too – but unlike Asana, when tasks are completed you have to manually update them. You can find out more about Trello here.

Do you have a preferred project management tool for organising your projects? How do you feel about collaborating with a VA and giving them access? If you’re already sharing tasks with your VA, what tips and advice would you give newbies? Why not share them in the comments box below.

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