How a VA can support clients by managing their LinkedIn pages

LinkedIn is another social media platform that can be essential for your business success, but one that also takes up a lot of your time! Handing it over to a VA, so they can support you is a great solution – but how can they manage it and what types of thing can they do on your LinkedIn account?

How to give a VA access to your LinkedIn account

linkedin qualityWhen it comes to giving your VA access, there are several options here. The first, if you have a LinkedIn Company page, you can set them up as an administrator. If however, you have a normal profile account, you can give them your personal login details. Another option is to use a password management program, such as LastPass.

However, if you want to give them both access and a simple way to manage your account, set up your LinkedIn account on Hootsuite. If you opt for the Hootsuite Pro option, you can then set them up with their own login details, as part of your team.

The advantage with Hootsuite is they can easily manage all of your different social media accounts, from one dashboard!

What can a VA manage on your LinkedIn account?

Passing over any social media platform will save you masses of time, especially if you make it clear up front what you’d like them to do, in terms of managing it. LinkedIn tasks you can pass over include (but are not limited to):

  • Share and publish posts
  • Use LinkedIn endorse – to both endorse others and seek endorsements for you
  • Tidy up your contacts and delete inactive accounts
  • Find new connections to follow
  • Schedule quotes, links and images to share
  • Set up feeds to monitor mentions of your name, company name, products and services (using services such as Google Alerts or – and responding as necessary or forwarding to you
  • Respond to messages in your inbox and connection requests

Business concept of Attract, Convert, RetainOften, we’ve joined social media platforms – but lost either the time or the inclination to learn and manage them ourselves. This is where passing it over to your VA will give you the biggest benefits – as you’ll be active on them, without having to learn how to use them yourself!

Get your VA to manage your LinkedIn Groups too

Interaction in LinkedIn groups is essential if you want to be noticed. So why not let your VA manage them for you? You can pass over the interaction, as well as finding new groups to join – helping you to be noticed and sociable, without taking up masses of your time.

I’m sure, once you’ve realised the benefits of passing your LinkedIn account to your VA, you’ll soon be passing over all of your social media accounts!

How do you feel about passing over your accounts to a VA? Do you use LinkedIn at the moment or have an account set up? How much time will you save, by passing it over to a VA – or will you benefit in other ways? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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