Business Babysitting – a worry free holiday for Small Business Owners / Sole Traders

As I sit in my office today with the sun shining, a gorgeous blue sky and one of my Builders having returned from 2 weeks holiday in a warmer climate, it got me thinking about taking a worry free holiday and the Business Babysitting service we provide.  When was the last time you took a worry free holiday?

I regularly meet Small Business Owners (and their families) who tell me they cannot remember the last time they took a holiday as they are too worried about losing Clients or potential business while they are away – and what is the point of taking a holiday as the emails mount up only for you to feel within a couple of days of being back that you have never been away.  Or if they did take a holiday, they spend hours each day at considerable expense trying to answer emails on a dodgy internet connection or via their mobile phone just to keep on top of things.

The ideal situation if for your business to be looked after by someone, whilst you are away.  This is where a Virtual Assistant (or a Freelance PA) can assist you.  You outsource your business support services (answering your telephone, management of your diary and emails, invoicing etc) for the duration of your holiday.  On your return Your Executive Secretary provide you with a consolidated list of all of the actions we have taken, a list of your calls and any outstanding items.

It is recommended that you leave us some emergency contact instructions just incase something comes up that we really cannot do on your behalf (but it is highly unlikely).

A number of Virtual Assistants or Freelance PA’s offer this service; within my Business Babysitting package, I include a free consultation before the holiday so I that I know lots about your business, how you like things dealt with, any standard responses you give; you effectively brief me to the length at which you want your holiday cover provided, how you like things done within your business.  Some Small Businesses don’t want their Clients to know that they are on holiday and we agree what wording I will use for calls etc.

worry free, business babysitting service
Do you want a worry free holiday? Use our Business Babysitting Service

During your holiday, Your Executive Secretary perform all of the agreed tasks whilst ensuring your clients are dealt with in accordance with your wishes.  Then after your holiday, we get together again for free debrief on the services we have delivered while you have been away and go through the consolidated report of what actions we have taken etc.

For new clients, we make arrangements for access to email accounts, and if Your Executive Secretary are going to be taking your calls, we arrange (and test) the diversion of the phones.  If an on site service is required, then we ensure that I have keys, alarm codes etc.

So are you thinking of taking a holiday or are you being nagged to take one by your partner/spouse, but have not booked it because you are worried about the number of emails or phone calls that you might miss while you are away – then our Business Babysitting service could be for you.  Why not give me a call today on 0800 612 5596 to see if we can help you manage your business so that you can take that worry free holiday

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