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A Guest Blog Post from Neil Woodard of Woodard Coaching and Consultancy on the Benefits of Coaching for Start Up Businesses

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We’ve seen recently that several household names have gone bust – Jessops, Comet, Blockbusters.  OK, maybe you don’t want to run a photography business, an electrical store or a DVD rental shop but it does show that the mantra ‘work on your business, not in your business’ is true!  You’d probably all agree that logic says without development of your business, you could easily join their ranks, along with so many failed business start-ups.

In the early days of your new business, your mind and your time is probably occupied by finance, budgets, marketing, key messages, unique selling points, websites, business cards………….. the list is endless.  Your network of family, friends, ex-colleagues, business contacts is (hopefully) supporting you and wishing you the best of luck, and those that aren’t supportive are probably just worried for you and can’t see why you are doing this ‘new thing’ right now!

Let’s be frank, you’ve got so much on your plate and, essentially, your close network is divided into ‘supportive well-wishers’ and ‘doubting pessimists’.  On the surface these appear to be very different groups, but what they both have in common is that their advice and comments to you will align with the ‘group’ they come from; they will be positive and hopeful (you’ll think, “yay – it’s great having this support”) or they will be gloomy and worrying (you think, “oh dear, maybe they’re right; this is a mistake”).

You’re probably now saying “So what?”……………..

Well, here’s the answer  – what you have are extremes of positive and negative, but what you really need is a neutral sounding board.  Someone without a vested interest.  Someone who can see the wood for the trees.  Someone who has no preconceptions about you. Someone who will listen, think, ask questions and help you to think through what is happening and why.  In essence, someone who will help you gain real clarity about what you are doing and why you are doing it and, vitally, someone who will help you to make your new business successful.

That ‘someone’ sounds like a mythical ‘best friend, confidante and expert’ all rolled in to one.  In reality, that ‘someone’ is a Coach.

What are the benefits of coaching for business start-ups?

–        You will be asked questions and given help to answer in a way that makes you explore what you think, and why.

–        You get someone who takes the time to understand you as a whole.

–        You get time and freedom to explore options without judgement or false, biased comments.

–        You get someone who aligns themselves with you, encourages you, trouble shoots with you and helps you move forward.

You could use coaching to demystify a complex business situation, to reach a very specific goal, or to gain progress towards your broader aspirations and ambitions.  Whatever your reason for hiring a coach, you and your business will gain immensely from having time, freedom and assistance to explore a subject area or an issue.  Coaching enables any business, whether a start-up or an established business, to gain real clarity (that ‘lightbulb’ moment).  From this point of clarity you will move forward positively and be able to make the changes that you need.

Do you want to gain that clarity and reach that ‘lightbulb moment’?  I can help you!  Check out the Woodard Coaching and Consultancy website: and contact me at [email protected].

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Whatever you do, and and wherever you are, I wish you the very best of luck with your business!!!

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