A Virtual Assistants Top 20 Tasks

Using a Virtual Assistant can save you many hours from your working week but knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, especially when you are just starting out or trying to grow your business.

A Virtual Assistant, often known as a VA is freelance and sometimes referred to as a “Freelance PA”. There are lots of features and benefits for outsourcing tasks, some of the key ones are:

• You only pay for the services you receive.
• You do not have to worry about paying PAYE, NI, holiday, sick, maternity pay or even worry about contributing to a pension.
• A Virtual Assistant will be loyal to your branding and will take the time to get to know your business.
• Your valuable time is freed up, allowing you to concentrate on your business or gaining some important down time.

Still not sure where to start, well, lately, I have been asked by Entrepreneurs and Successful Business Owners, about the type of tasks that Your Executive Secretary can help them with, so I thought it might be good to write a list of the Top 20 Items I have been asked to do in the last 6 months. It should be remembered though at Your Executive Secretary we recognize that every business is different and what one Business Owner finds stressful another will find relatively simple and straightforward so it is always best to contact us with your enquiry, for a free consultation and we will endeavor to guide you through the process.

Virtual Assistant
Running a Business is a juggling act

Your Executive Secretarys Top 20 Tasks (not in priority order)

1. Create and manage Social Media profiles.

2. Conduct post networking follow up connection requests.

3. Conduct Follow up research on a client, prospect, applicant or competitor.

4. Email organization and Review. Creating order from chaos of Clients multiple email accounts.

5. Create an online filing system and train client in good email practices.

6. Delete spam accumulated in e-mail accounts overnight, and sort, answer, or redirect remaining messages.

7. Analyse post course feedback and provide summary to Client for onward submission to their clients.

8. Draft Blog articles from Clients notes.

9. Format Clients Blog articles and submit online.

10. Investigate Travel Options.

11. Make calls to confirm appointments, engagements, or reservations.

12. Create and send an email campaign.

13. Update a Clients CRM system.

14. Assist with marketing a Clients business.

15. Organise, manage and orchestrate networking events on a Clients behalf.

16. Turning raw data into a Powerpoint presentation to pitch for a major contract.

17. Generate Reports.

18. Diary Management and Scheduling of appointments.

19. Advise Client on “Rebranding their business”.

20. Creating of Business correspondence templates (letter heads, invoices, receipt notes etc)

As can be seen from the list, the type of tasks is endless and there are literally hundreds of different things a Virtual Assistant can do, but what most will do is take the time to get to know you and your business to advise where they can assist you best. At Your Executive Secretary, we offer a free consultation to learn about your business and to see what stressors are there and what systems and processes you already have in place, before agreeing how we can help you.

I would love to hear below in the comments box your experiences of outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant or even why you are hesitant about outsourcing.

For more information on how we can help you to help you achieve your goals then please call Amanda on 01202 872061 or email [email protected].

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