Tips for turning words (ideas) into action

It’s easy to talk the talk. We all have the capacity to have big plans and dreams and often share those dreams with others. However, it’s the people who can turn those dreams into action steps, that will be successful in business.

So how can you make that transition from just talking the talk, to taking action on your dreams?

#1: Get passionate

You need to believe you can do whatever it is you want to achieve – and for that to happen, you need to get passionate about it. Make sure you’re getting enthusiastic when talking about it, get clear on why you want to achieve it and how that will make you feel.

#2: Clarify what you want

Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve and the timescales involved. You want to know when you’re going to start and when you will reach it.

#3: Create a plan of action

Once you have clarity, you can then plan your action steps. Break it down into manageable tasks and have timescales for each step.

#4: Get help and support

It will be so much easier (and potentially faster), if you get help and support. Whether that’s through a mentor or a Virtual Assistant, get others to rally round and help you reach your end result.

#5: Focus on your end result

No matter what step of the journey you’re on, always focus on your end goal – it’s what will help push you forward when things get tough or your self-belief wavers.

#6: Keep an open mind

The important thing to remember is your desired end result. How you achieve that is open for interpretation. One of the benefits you can glean from having help and support, as well as talking about your plans, is being open to suggestions and advice about alternative ways of reaching it – so keep an open mind.

#7: Get past fear

Any new goal and ambition will take you out of your comfort zone – and this is where fear can step in. Make sure you have an action plan for dealing with it, when it happens – because fear is bound to make an appearance.

#8: Take action

It’s only by completing the actions needed, will you turn your dream into reality. So start taking daily action towards your desired end result.

Finally, have patience! Turning your words into action steps takes both time and courage, so be gentle with yourself and keep pushing forward!

What ideas do you want to turn into actions this year? Why not make a start on your plan now and build that commitment, by sharing your first action step in the comments box below!

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