The Benefits of Delegating and Outsourcing

When it comes to running your own business, it’s easy to get into the habit of doing everything yourself, simply out of necessity. As the owner of two businesses, I speak from experience – in the beginning I felt like I should be doing everything myself, but I quickly learnt that this isn’t a sustainable way of running a business.

If you want to maximise both your own productivity and your company’s profitability, you need to learn how to let go of that ‘do it all’ attitude and source help… (just like I have!)

Learning to delegate and outsource your work has so many benefits for you, your business and for others involved in your business and personal life.

Benefits for you

delegate to get time for youThe obvious benefit you’ll get from outsourcing and delegating is that it will free up your time. It gives you the time and space to focus on what you’re really good at – and enables you to keep being good at it.

Outsourcing and delegating relieves your stress and sense of responsibility too – it can allow you to have more down time and to switch off occasionally. You therefore won’t feel like you have to be constantly ‘switched on’ in order to keep your business ticking over. You will also feel less pressure to feel as though you HAVE to learn something new, simply because you need to, in order to grow your business further.

This has a knock-on effect too: by reducing your mental load, you can create time and space for creativity and perhaps the serenity and distance needed in order to think of the bigger picture.

Benefits for your business

The biggest benefit that outsourcing and delegating has for your business is that it actually enables it to grow and expand. You cannot sustain doing everything yourself, without something suffering as a result – whether it’s your customer service, production, creativity, or even your personal life.

Outsourcing and delegating enables you to upscale your business in ALL areas – as you can better serve your customers, create and provide products and services they want AND serve and/or reach more people.

Benefits for others on your team

team workDelegating tasks out to your existing team members gives them the opportunity to shine too. It enables them to step up and show you what they can do AND gives them the chance to learn new skills.

This has a knock-on effect on their confidence and esteem, whilst also increasing their allegiance to you and your company. By giving them the opportunity to grow, you’ll be seen as a desirable and likeable company to work for.

Benefits of outsourcing

If you don’t have an existing team, outsourcing to another business or freelancer is a smart move to make. This gives you access to new skills you may not already have and allows your business to grow without having the expense of employing team members, as you usually only pay per job or per block of time.

By delegating and outsourcing you are allowing your business to develop into the success it deserves – whilst giving yourself the time and space to shine in your own right… so why not plan what jobs you’d like to delegate or outsource to someone else now?

How do you feel about delegating or outsourcing? What jobs would you pass to someone else if you had the chance? What currently stops you from outsourcing and what one step can you take to solve that? Why not share your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below.

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