The benefits of a discovery session in business

Discovery sessions are regularly used in service-based businesses – and is it any wonder? They’re easy to implement, non-salesy and beneficial for both the potential client and you. But what exactly makes a discovery session so good for you, your potential client and your business?

Firstly, what a discovery session is – and isn’t

Mention discovery sessions and there are some people who immediately think ‘sales’, ‘hard sell’ and ‘free coaching’ – but they’d be wrong. A discovery session isn’t any of those things.

What is a discovery session?

A discovery session is an informal, comfortable, no obligation conversation between a potential client and a service provider. They’re used as a means for both parties to ascertain the needs of the client, along with the issues/problems they’re currently facing, their desired end result and whether they’re actually ready to work to achieve that desired end result. The session gives both parties a chance to find out about each other, whether they can work together and if the business owner actually has the right solution available for that potential client.

Discovery sessions build on know, like and trust

Whether you’re looking for a new mentor, coach of VA, is really important that both parties actually like each other.

As a client, when you’re taking advice from someone or trusting them with confidential and/or important documents on (or for) your business and clients, you need to trust that person and trust the work they will be doing for you.

As a service provider, you need to know you’re working with clients who are above board, have beliefs and ethics that match yours and will enjoy working with that client and the work involved.

Discovery sessions give you both the opportunity to ask pertinent questions to find answer to those needs. You’ll also be able to clarify the kind of work and business relationship you’re after and often, once you’re talking to a person, you will get an overall ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ about them.

Discovery sessions ensure you have the right skills

It isn’t just the likeability of each other that comes over during a phone call. The business website can give you the hard skills a person has, but finding out those soft skills is a bit harder.

Maybe you’re after a proactive VA, someone who can actively give you suggestions to improve your business and the tasks in hand. Maybe you need someone who’s patient, has a calm manner or who has a sense of humour. These qualities can be ascertained on a telephone discovery session, prior to making the decision whether or not to work with them.

Discovery sessions are beneficial to you, your business and your potential client, so if you haven’t already been using this great business tool, why not start implementing them, and see first-hand, how great they are?

What do you consider the biggest benefit of discovery sessions? Maybe you haven’t yet started using them, but today’s post has whet your appetite? Why not share your experiences and opinions of discovery sessions, in the comments box below?

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