Mid-Year Review – are you making the most of your VA?

We’re nearly halfway through this year, so let me ask you – how’s business? Are you going in the right direction? Are you making headway on your business goals? Have you started implementing all those goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year – and by the way, are you making the most of your VA?

I thought I’d throw that last question in there, as your VA is an essential part of your business success. You’ve invested in a VA, so are you making the most of them?

We’re now past the May bank holiday and still have a little time before the kids are off for the summer holidays, or your clients start taking their summer holidays. This means now is the perfect time, to carry out a mid-year review on your business and to make sure you’re utilising every means at your disposal, in order to help you reach your business goals.

If you are a parent of school age children, you’ll want to spend some quality time with your kids during their summer break. Maybe you’ve even planned a summer break away with them, so prior to that, get your hustle on to ensure that it can happen and you can take some guilt-free time away.

Take the time now, to review what you’ve already achieved, start finishing off those projects that are on the home stretch and to begin planning for the rest of this year. The work you put in now can set you up for the rest of this year – and it can make sure you’re utilising your VA to the full.

Apart from the usual task you hand over to your VA, there are various other tasks you can hand over to them, in order to free up your time now and to ensure you can switch off and recharge whilst you’re away during the summer – and ensure you hit the ground running, when you get back. These include:

  • Researching and compiling product material, presentations etc.
  • Planning your launch schedules and sequences
  • Researching and creating batches of content (such as blog posts and social media postings) for the months ahead
  • Updating your social media accounts and profiles
  • Clearing and archiving files and emails on your computer

So why not take the time now, to review your progress so far this year, reassess where you’re headed and work out how best your VA can help you achieve those goals?

Have you carried out your mid-year review yet? What tasks, above and beyond the usual ones you outsource to them, have you decided to assign to your VA? Why not share your opinions and task ideas in the comments box below!

New Year, New You

When it comes to New Year, it’s traditionally the time to recap on your previous year and make plans for the year ahead. Frequently, those New Year resolutions will revolve around self improvement; what we’re giving up or implementing to better or improve ourselves.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of New Year resolutions are forgotten within the first few weeks of the year, leaving us in the exactly the same position as we ended the previous year… so, how can you make those New Year resolutions stick past the first month of the year?

New Year resolutionsWrite down your goal

The act of writing down your goals and plans cements them into your mind. It takes them from simple wishes and dreams and turns them into something you can refer to and remind yourself of.

Break goals down

Breaking down your goals into actionable steps will make them easier to implement – but it also gives you smaller things to aim for. Breaking down you goals will also enable you to be specific about what you want – as you can’t break down a goal that is really vague!

Decide WHY you want a “new you”

You have to be emotionally attached to your resolutions to truly connect with them. Ask yourself WHY you want a new you. What will changing this aspect of you MEAN for you? Imagine your desired end result and see how you look, act, feel and behave. What emotion is behind your desire?

ID-100240990Start implementing now

The real secret behind achieving a new you in 2015 is to start NOW. If you can’t start now – what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the right time or the right finances? Maybe you’re not waiting, but looking to get things in the “right” order? This is just another form of waiting!

Stop waiting and delaying – start implementing now! Do what you can do now, with the circumstances and situations you are presently in. What small thing can you start implementing now, that will take you closer to the new you?

Pick a date

One of the biggest problems with New Year, new you resolutions, is the fact that they’re so flexible! We take “2015” as the end goal – and 365 days is just too long a timescale for what we want to achieve. Set a realistic timescale and date by which you’d like to achieve your desired result.

Follow the above steps and you’ll be ensuring an improved success rate with your New Year, new you resolutions.

Are your New Year resolutions related to business or pleasure? Have you established your first action steps? Why not share your intent and REALLY ramp up your determination and motivation – by sharing them in the comments box below?

Images courtesy of adamr & Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Business Tools For Goal Setting

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The importance of Goal Setting

Whether you’re reading a self help book or speaking with a coach or mentor, dealing with business or your personal life, one of the first things they will suggest you try is goal setting. They all state the need to make goals, as they have the ability to help you turn your dreams into action plans and those vague ideas into reality… but why is it so important to set yourself goals? Continue reading “The importance of Goal Setting”

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