Does your website have the right focus?

Creating a great-looking website is often top of any new entrepreneur’s to-do list. They know the importance of being seen and building an online profile, in order to attract new clients. However, that same website could actually be repelling potential clients – if it’s too focused on you. Continue reading “Does your website have the right focus?”

How to work out your keywords

Keywords and SEO, most small business owners worry about them. They hear talk about how their Search Engine Optimisation needs to be ‘spot on’, or they’ll lose rankings and potential clients, as they can’t be ‘found’ on search engines such as Google. But working out your keywords doesn’t have to be a difficult process… if you stop focusing on SEO and start focusing on what you DO know. Continue reading “How to work out your keywords”

The importance of Goal Setting

Whether you’re reading a self help book or speaking with a coach or mentor, dealing with business or your personal life, one of the first things they will suggest you try is goal setting. They all state the need to make goals, as they have the ability to help you turn your dreams into action plans and those vague ideas into reality… but why is it so important to set yourself goals? Continue reading “The importance of Goal Setting”

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