Want your business to succeed? Don’t focus on you!

It’s understandable that you want your business to do well. After all, you started it to fulfil a need or solve a problem you had. Whether that need was to be your own boss or your problem was childcare costs or redundancy, your initial drive to start your business was something YOU were looking to fulfil.

However, if you want your business to be successful moving forward, you need to change where your motivation or focus is. In short – your business focus needs to be on your CLIENTS. Continue reading “Want your business to succeed? Don’t focus on you!”

Why every website needs Google Analytics

Every business owner wants to know how well they’re doing. They want to know if their advertising is working, if customers like what they have to offer and if they are new or repeat customers. These statistics help illustrate how successful the business is, what they need to do more or – along with what they need to alter or do less of.

It’s no different for online businesses. Knowing where your website visitors are coming from, how they find you and what they like about your business is crucial, if you want to continue growing your business – and that is where Google Analytics comes in. Continue reading “Why every website needs Google Analytics”

Can a Virtual Assistant really understand my business?

Virtual Assistants (or VA’s) can be a real lifeline to any business. Whether you’re a busy coach or online entrepreneur, a Virtual Assistant can help manage the background elements of your business, giving you the help and freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

However, one of the most commonly asked questions of a Virtual Assistant is “Can a Virtual Assistant really understand MY business?” Continue reading “Can a Virtual Assistant really understand my business?”

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