Guest blogging: what are the benefits?

Guest blogging for other sites has so many benefits. Take a look at what you can gain from it AND how you can get started – easily and quickly, with these simple steps.


When you post your content on other people’s sites, you’re gaining exposure for both them and you. You both benefit from the exchange – they get to give their readers extra content and you get your name in front of those readers – meaning further exposure for you. Continue reading “Guest blogging: what are the benefits?”

Content: what exactly is it and what are the benefits?

All small business owners know they have to produce content for their business. They know it has benefits for their business and it needs to be created on a regular basis, but often feel overwhelmed by the whole process. It’s easy to see why – often content creation immediately brings to mind large-scale products, such as reports and ebooks – so what exactly constitutes content and what are the benefits? Continue reading “Content: what exactly is it and what are the benefits?”

Benefits of entering business awards

Business awards give both small and large businesses alike, the opportunity to recognise their achievements. Small businesses are the bedrock of our economy, and business awards are a great way of publicly acknowledging those that excel and stand out.

However business awards provide ample benefits to everyone who enter, regardless of whether they’re the eventual winners or not. Continue reading “Benefits of entering business awards”

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