Productivity and time management for the solo entrepreneur

When you’re running your business on your own, managing your time is an essential skill to have. There are some great free tools around that can help you manage your two biggest issues – productivity and time.

Whether you’re writing blogs and social media posts, planning advertising or planning your next product launch, you need to use the right tools. There are some great free tools out there, including:

time managementHootsuite – This is great for planning and scheduling your social media posts. Whether you’re more interested in Facebook, Twitter or Linked In, Hootsuite is perfect for forward planning your social media content. You can create separate columns for each of your social media accounts, as well as managing your replies and messages on Twitter. (Hootsuite)

Facebook Scheduler – If you’re looking to forward plan your Facebook page content, you could also use Hootsuite, however your posts will be penalised by Facebook, as you’re using a third party application. The solution – use their own scheduler! Simply write your post as normal and select the dropdown arrow next to the blue ‘post’ button.

Editorial Calendar – This is simply a blank calendar template that has space for you to write in your planned content. Why is this so essential? It gives you an at-a-glance overview of what you are planning AND will highlight where you have gaps with no content or if you’ve bunched too much together.

productivityEvernote – Evernote is software service that allows you to keep all your notes, interesting images, websites, memos and handwritten notes in one place. You can download the app to your phone to make it super easy to record notes on the move. (Evernote)

Momentum – On the surface, the Chrome app momentum is just an internet tab that gives you a pretty picture each day, along with a daily quote. It may predominantly be a motivational/inspirational tool, but it’s also great way of keeping focus on your key tasks. It has a space for you to enter your daily focus and your key ‘to do’ actions, so every time you go online you’re reminded of what’s important that day. (Momentum)

project managementAsana – This is a task management tool that allows you to plan, organise and track progress on all of your projects, plans and ideas – plus it allows you to invite others to join you, so you can assign projects to them and track their progress too. (Asana)

Trello – If Asana is too regimental for you, why not check out Trello? It also allows you to plan projects and manage your ideas – it has a lot of similarities to Evernote too (in terms of what you can post on it) – and invite others to join your boards etc. Unlike Asana though, it doesn’t automatically update tasks and remove them once they’ve been completed. (Trello)

What productivity tools do you currently use in your business? Do you use any of those listed above, or do you have your firm favourites? Why not help others with their productivity, by sharing your favourite productivity tools in the comments box below.

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