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Writing blog posts can be such an effort! Coming up with initial ideas may not be so much of an issue, but finding the time to write blog posts AND making them interesting… well that’s another matter. Blog posts don’t have to be boring – and they certainly don’t have to be just a page of text – so use these ideas to liven up your blog posts and get the inspiration and creativity flowing again!

Idea #1: Vary the length

One of the biggest obstacles to blog writing is often the idea they have to be a perceived ‘standard’ length. The fact is… there IS no standard length! Obviously, having a massive page of text CAN be off-putting, so you may want to split long posts up, but the length of your blog post is really dependent on your target reader and what they want to know. So why not change it around? You could post blogs of varying lengths and see which ones perform better.

alternate the formatIdea #2: Change the format

If you’re bored of writing blog posts, why not add in a bit of variety? You could create a short video, audio or even start a weekly podcast – they don’t have to be very long and they can also be mixed in with a text-based blog, if you prefer. If you’re worried about alienating your existing audience – why not ask them what format they’d like? Fire out a quick email to your email list or set up a poll on social media, asking for their input on future blogs.

Idea #3: Experiment with your topics

You may be putting off writing your blog posts, simply because you’re bored of writing about the same things! Make a list of all the topics you could help your target reader with, including the questions, problems and solutions they need help with. The key to changing (or introducing a new) topic is to start small. Similar to the above idea, send out an email or poll your social media followers, to see if they’d like to select some new themes and topics.

use photosIdea #4: Add images

Images can help break up text, so why not space them out throughout your posts? They can also serve as a summary for those who skim your posts. By using a site like Canva, you can add your title to an image and create a header or feature image, add tips to images, for those skimmers – and these can subsequently be shared on your social media accounts!

Idea #5: Give more

Finally, why not look at how you can give more. How? Well you could look to give something free, at the end of each blog post. These freebies don’t have to cost anything and they only take a short amount of time to create, as you can use the existing blog post content as a guide. Think how quickly you can create a simple checklist, summary sheet, worksheet, tip list, resources list or further reading list – they’ll all help add additional value to your blog posts.

Which of the above ideas had the most impact on you? Did you get any additional idea that came to mind, that could help liven up your blog posts? Why not share your action step and/or ideas in the comments box below.

Images © puckillustrations (feature image), alswart & milkmanx/Dollar Photo Club

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