How to convey your brand through graphic images

Branding is more than just making something look pretty. It’s a way of instantly identifying who you are and what you offer. Good branding makes you memorable in the minds of your potential customers, building an instantaneous level of trust between you both and a promise of what they can expect from you.

So how can you convey your brand through the images you use?

Use your business colours

If you have specific colours in your business, implement them in your graphic images. Whether you use them in the border colour, font and/or background colouring, it’s a really easy way to ensure you keep your branding consistent.

Add words into your graphics

When it comes to branding consistency, you can go two different ways – use the font from your website and logo etc. as your default font style or use jazz it up and use different fonts, in order to highlight important word and ensure they stand out.

Keep your photos consistent

You can also convey your branding through the images you use, so it’s really important they are consistent, as this builds on the essence of your brand. For example, if you offer a high ticket program for women entrepreneurs, you can use images that show professional women in exotic locations and high-class shops and restaurants etc.

If you have the tools available, you could take your own photographs. Alternatively, you could purchase good quality and relevant images from stock libraries or use the free alternatives, if your funds are limited.

Add in your logo, company name and/or website details

A simple way to add your brand to your graphic images is to simply use what you already have – your logo, name and website URL! I’d recommend using only one or two, as a maximum, to avoid cluttering up the graphics and using valuable image space.

The important thing to remember, in regards to your logo, name and website details, is to keep their placement consistent.

If used correctly, graphic content helps to paint a picture for your intended audience. It tells your story to the world – whether that story is who you are and what you do, or what you’d like your products and/or services to instil in your customers. Regardless of the story you’re selling in those images, it gives your audience an instant snapshot – and as the saying goes; a picture REALLY does speak a thousand words.

How do you use graphic images in your business? Do you struggle to convey your branding visually or do you find it a simple process and how did these tips make that easier for you? Why not share your branding tips in the comments box below?

Image courtesy of kbuntu/Dollar Photo Club


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