How to build interaction with your future clients

Whether you attract clients through your social media platforms, face-to-face or via your, the ability to build on that initial contact is the difference between business website success and failure.

So how can you interact with new contacts in a non-salesy way, whilst also increasing the chance of them becoming paying clients and customers?

Know, like and trust

It’s a known fact that people only do business with people they know, like and trust. This is why it’s so important to build that relationship gradually over time, without being too pushy or too salesy. Interaction with any contact should primarily be about building a relationship with them – not seeing what you can get from them.

People want to feel respected and valued. They want to work and generally hang around with people who make them feel good. Your contacts want to be seen as people – not pound signs.

know like and trustSo look to build on that initial contact by regularly interacting with your clients. Use non-pushy interaction to build on your likeability and give them glimpses of who you are. Continuing this over a period of time will naturally build the trust they have in you – leading to more interaction from your client and more trust being built.

Ways to naturally build client interaction into your business

Ask for their input and opinions

People love being asked for their advice and views. They want to share their thoughts and opinions – so encourage this. Add a call to action (CTA) below your blog posts, inviting them to comment. When you post on social media, start a discussion by asking them for their opinions and share things that increase the likelihood of starting a discussion.

Post questions, surveys and polls

Another easy way to get contacts interacting is to post questions, surveys and polls on social media. If you can’t decide what cover works better on your free download – create a simple poll to ask their views.

Thank them for their interaction

Twitter makes this super easy, with its ‘Follow Friday’ hashtag (#FF). It’s a simple and effective way to thank people for following you and makes them feel appreciated. You could easily use this on other social media sites, using apps or by simply posting a tagged thank you post.

Give them something to share

When you post on your social media sites, give your contacts interesting, fun and pretty images, infographics and gifs to share. On your website, make images pinnable, shareable and tweetable too.

build client interaction with surveysCreate a weekly roundup

Creating a weekly blog roundup is another easy way. Similar to the Follow Friday concept, a blog roundup highlights those sites you’ve found interesting or useful – and this could also be used as a way to highlight and showcase your clients.

Take time out of your day to interact

Encouraging your contacts to interact is a two-way street – you need to also interact more too! Take time to thank them for shares, reply to comments and questions and give advice where requested.

By increasing client interaction you’ll not only be building a relationship with these contacts, you’ll also be building a better online profile AND become seen as a professional, polite and trustworthy expert in your niche too.

How do you encourage interaction with your clients and potential contacts? Are there simple strategies you can implement to your existing routine to ensure interaction happens? What strategies can you take from above to get started? Why not share your experiences and advice in the comments section below!

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