How many hats should you be wearing?

As a business owner, I know how adept we can all be at balancing our work and home life. Women especially, are known to wear so many different hats, when it comes to our work and home life.  I’ll be giving you some great tips on how to better balance the two different areas, in next week’s blog post. However, this week, I want to help you make a really powerful decision, one that will help you start the year as you mean to go on – and that decision is:

Stop wearing so many hats!

We can be our own worst enemy

Small business owners are used to doing everything themselves. When we first start out we naturally want to save money, especially when we don’t have many clients. We are happy to wear the different hats, including those for administrator, sales person, marketing expert, social media planner, copywriter and mentor, to name a few. However, just because we can do these different tasks, it doesn’t mean we should.

Make the decision to stop compromising yourself and your business

hatsMaking the decision to stop wearing so many hats means understanding that, in order to help your business the most and to give it the best chance of success, you need to be focusing on what you do best – and you can’t do that if you’re wearing all of those different hats!

What did you originally go into business to do? Were you brilliant at mentoring or supporting others? Maybe you excelled on the stage, talking and demonstrating or running workshops? Which part of your business is the one that gets your blood pumping and ignites that spark? Whatever your passion is, this is the hat you should be wearing, what you should be focusing on and doing more of – and this is where most of your time should be going. Not only will it be beneficial to your existing and new clients, it will also mean you can grow the skills you have to be bigger, better and more refined.

Start delegating and outsourcing

Everything else needs to be outsourced or delegated out to others. Don’t wait until you are financially at a certain level or until you’ve got x amount of clients – do it now, before you are drowning under the load of all those hats.

Initially, this may mean spending more money than you want to, but the rewards will be numerous – including a renewed passion and zest in your business and more time doing what you love – and this is infectious. When you talk to potential clients, they’ll hear how passionate you are. They will want to work with you. When you’re networking, other business owners will hear that enthusiasm and love of what you do. They’ll be happy to recommend your services to others, as they know you’ll do everything you can to help them – and this will mean your business will grow, faster than it will if you’re trying to do it all yourself.

So make the decision to stop wearing all of those different hats and start wearing the one that’s most important to you – and make 2016 the best business year for you yet!

How do you feel about outsourcing and delegating? Is it something you are putting off or have you already made a start? What one action step can you take now, to start taking off those extra hats? What will be the first hat you are looking to take off? Why not share your comments and opinions in the comments box below?

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