Health Tips for Home Workers

Working from home can have so many benefits; you get to spend time with your family, don’t have to commute or spend money travelling to and from work and you may get to save some money on your childcare fees.

But home working can also cause us to form some really bad habits – we can skip lunch, avoid having regular breaks, work longer than usual hours and end up creating bad working positions – and conditions – for ourselves. So what can we do to ensure we are looking after our business AND our health? Here are 7 health tips to get you started.

health tipsTake a break!

Ensure you take time to stretch those muscles, rest your eyes and get some fresh air. Get into the habit of walking around – maybe you could stand up for phone calls and when recording audios etc – to help your circulation.

Actually have lunch

It’s all too easy to graze whilst working – especially if you’re working in close proximity to the kitchen! By getting into the habit of having an hour lunch break, you’ll not only give yourself a rest – but you’ll also help your waistline!

Get a proper chair…

health tipsWorking from home can all too easily mean curling up on the sofa with your feet up and your laptop resting on your legs. This is so bad for your posture! Get yourself a dedicated working area (even if it is the kitchen table) and invest in a proper office chair, as this will help ensure you are sitting correctly and will, in turn, minimise back problems.

… and workspace!

Don’t just stop at your chair either. Look at your entire work area. Do you have a sensible layout to your desk? Can you easily reach those things you use on a regular basis – or do you have to keep reaching and bending awkwardly to find them? Is your laptop or keyboard too low to be comfortable on your shoulders and arms, and do you have to keep looking down and stretching your neck to see your screen?

Set office hours

health tipsNothing can tire you out more than trying to juggle work and family. You want to work around the children, but also want to spend time with your partner AND get work finished too! The only way you will achieve everything you want is to set dedicated time slots for them all. Decide when you will be at work and on which days – and stick to it, as establishing a routine will be the ONLY way to work it properly!

Make time for exercise

You know the benefits of regular exercise – so ensure you are slotting in time to keep fit. Not only will this keep your body healthy, but it will also ensure your mind is working to its full potential too.

Have regular eye checks

Anyone who works with a screen on a daily basis needs to have their eyes tested on a regular basis – and working from home shouldn’t be any different. So invest in a decent pair of glasses with an anti-reflective coating, to ensure optimum eye comfort and ensure you regularly get your eyes checked.

What bad habits have you picked up whilst working from home? Do you regularly curl up on the sofa or skip lunch? What simple strategies can you put into place now, to ensure you break these unhealthy habits? Why not share your ideas and strategies in the comments box below?

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