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Last month we looked at organising your home office (if you haven’t seen that article, you can do so by clicking here). But having a gorgeous home office isn’t just about having a tidy one – it needs to be one that inspires you, encourages you to be in it and is productive too!

Whether you have a dedicated room in your home for your office, an outside building or a corner of the kitchen, gorgeous home offices can be achievable, if you look for these three criteria.

Get inspired

home office spaceYou can have the best-looking, tastefully decorated home office ever, but if it doesn’t inspire you, it’s pointless.

You don’t have to be an artist, writer or other creative-type person to want an office that inspires. No matter what industry or niche you’re in, you’ll be looking to create at some stage – whether it’s a new product or service, website improvements, branding, blogging or creating social media quotes to share – you’ll want a space that inspires your creativity.

Inspiration can come in many forms – the images you hang on the wall, the scent used in that room (candles, oil or air freshener), the colour of everything (from the walls and furniture to the pens and stationery you use) or even the accessories and knick-knacks that adorn the surfaces.

Encourages you to be in the office

Whether you choose to work in your PJ’s or dress the part each day, you want a space that encourages you to use it. If you don’t like the look or feel of your office, you won’t be encouraged to use it.

Similar to the types of thing that inspire you, ask yourself what do you have in your room that motivates you? If you’re driven by targets and goals – are they in your line of sight? Do you prefer quotes or images on your vision board of things you want to buy? Maybe your encouragement comes from photos of your family or testimonials and reviews from your past clients?

Make it a productive space

productiveFinally, look to make your office a productive space. A gorgeous office can be inspiring and encouraging – but if it doesn’t have room for you to work – it won’t work!

Look at your workspace and utilise both comfort and natural workflow. Have everything you need on a regular basis within easy reach. Make sure your position (both chair and work surface height) are ergonomically right for you. Install comfort essentials – such as wrist supports, drinking water (even if it’s just a lidded bottle!) and fresh air – all essential for productivity, mental comfort and health.

Gorgeous offices that have these three elements will always help you to perform to your best abilities – and in a lovely environment!

How gorgeous is your office? What can you do to make it even better? Maybe you currently avoid your office – what one thing can you implement that will help? Why not share your experiences in the comments box below.

Images courtesy of bestpixels (feature), Iriana-Shiyan &  Raw Pixel/Dollar Photo Club

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