Getting the most out of your Twitter account

Twitter has long been one of the favourite social media platforms for savvy entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006, Twitter is now one of the biggest social media platforms around – and is it any wonder? Giving you only 140 characters per ‘tweet’, it means you really do have to get to the point, if you want to attract the right followers. Twitter is a great way to raise your profile and interact with your ideal audience… but are you making the most of what else it has to offer?

How does your bio look?

Twitter bioWith only 160 characters available for your bio, you have to ensure you are making every word count. Does it clearly and succinctly state who you work with and what you do? Could you add specific keywords your clients are searching for, to attract them to you?

Learn from the best

Take a look at those people you are following on Twitter. Check out their bios, overall profile and the tweets they’re sending out. How often are they tweeting? Are they asking questions? Do they share more images than text tweets? What is it that attracted you to them in the first place? Can you learn anything from their strategy?

Make the most of Twitter Chats

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s sure to be a Twitter Chat that corresponds to it! To take part in them you simply need to show up at the allotted time and use the designated hashtag (#) to join in the event. You can find a comprehensive list of Twitter Chats by clicking here.

Network with Twitter Hours

Twitter Hours are dedicated online business networking events. Similar to Twitter Chats, these hours are usually (but not limited to) each county of the UK – for example, #WiltshireHour or #SBS (Theo Paphitis’ small business hour). You can find a list of UK Twitter Hours by clicking here.

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter listsThe newsfeed on Twitter can get quite bogged down with irrelevant tweets and information from those you’re not really interested in. Add to this the speed at which it can update, and you run the really risk of missing tweets from those you REALLY want to follow. This is where a list can save you stress, time and effort.

Simply click on ‘lists’ within your profile and ‘create’. You can add a short description and make the list public or private (so it’s just for your eyes only). To add someone, just go to their profile page, click on the person icon and ‘add or remove from lists’. To view your list, simply click on the ‘lists’ tab on your profile page.

Twitter can be a really great social media platform, if you learn how to tame it and make the most of even the basic features it has available. By using the five tips above you’ll easily control how and who you interact with, as well as what you choose to see – saving you time AND effort!

Have you been previously avoiding Twitter, but are now ready to jump in? Maybe you’ve been using it for a while and have some great Twitter tips to share with others? Why not share your tips and advice on Twitter in the comments box below… and remember to follow me on Twitter too!

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