Does your website have the right focus?

Creating a great-looking website is often top of any new entrepreneur’s to-do list. They know the importance of being seen and building an online profile, in order to attract new clients. However, that same website could actually be repelling potential clients – if it’s too focused on you.

What visitors to your website want – and what you’re doing wrong

Visitors to your site want to know what you can do for them. They want to see how you can help solve their needs and what that involves. The problem with most small business websites is they focus on SELLING what they do and justifying their right to be in business in the first place.

They often try to build their expert status by keeping the focus on them – leading to a failure to interact and attract the very clients they’re looking to get!

client focusYour website needs to be client focused

Whether it’s your about page or your sales pages, they ALL need to be focused on what’s in it for your clients. They don’t care what qualifications and experience you have – they want to know how it benefits them. You may have a Diploma in business management or social media – but what does it mean for them?

Even your background story needs to be relevant and focused on your clients. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience to them in the past – show them HOW that puts you in a unique position to help them. Explain what that means to them and what strategies you can use to overcome their problems.

The traits of a great website

A great website takes its visitors on a journey. It will lead them from where they currently are, through the different ways you can help them and onto their ideal solution. Each and every page of your site should have a specific function:

  • connect with your ideal client
  • capture their details
  • illustrate and sympathise over their problem/issue
  • show the options they have available
  • give them an easy way to connect and/or buy from you
  • inform, educate and inspire

On the surface, it may sound like a tall order and a lot of effort – but if you want to attract AND keep the interest of your potential clients – its work that can reap huge rewards.

When was the last time you took a critical look at your website and the journey it takes visitors on? What action steps can you implement to improve a visitors experience and keep the focus? Why not share your action steps and thoughts on today’s blog post in the comments box below.

Images © Marek (featured image) & Yoganov/Dollar Photo Club

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