Content Marketing: what it is and why you need it

Content marketing is something all business needs, whether they’re a large corporation or a solo run small business working from home. But WHY do you need to use content marketing and what IS it exactly?

What is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is the creation and sharing of media and/or published content, in order to attract and gain new clients. To put it another way, it’s anything you’ve created, that you put out there consistently AND your clients see as valuable and/or relevant to them. Continue reading “Content Marketing: what it is and why you need it”

How a VA can support clients by managing their LinkedIn pages

LinkedIn is another social media platform that can be essential for your business success, but one that also takes up a lot of your time! Handing it over to a VA, so they can support you is a great solution – but how can they manage it and what types of thing can they do on your LinkedIn account? Continue reading “How a VA can support clients by managing their LinkedIn pages”

Can a VA manage my social media?

When it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), there is one common question that keeps cropping up – what can a VA do for me? Most small business owners are swamped with work and dream of hiring in help – but they don’t know WHAT help they can pass over to someone else! Continue reading “Can a VA manage my social media?”

Why every website needs Google Analytics

Every business owner wants to know how well they’re doing. They want to know if their advertising is working, if customers like what they have to offer and if they are new or repeat customers. These statistics help illustrate how successful the business is, what they need to do more or – along with what they need to alter or do less of.

It’s no different for online businesses. Knowing where your website visitors are coming from, how they find you and what they like about your business is crucial, if you want to continue growing your business – and that is where Google Analytics comes in. Continue reading “Why every website needs Google Analytics”

Getting the most out of your Twitter account

Twitter has long been one of the favourite social media platforms for savvy entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006, Twitter is now one of the biggest social media platforms around – and is it any wonder? Giving you only 140 characters per ‘tweet’, it means you really do have to get to the point, if you want to attract the right followers. Twitter is a great way to raise your profile and interact with your ideal audience… but are you making the most of what else it has to offer? Continue reading “Getting the most out of your Twitter account”

5 tips to getting started on Twitter

Twitter is now one of the biggest social media platforms around. Founded in 2006, it’s a fast moving, snappy tweeting, interactive hub that is favoured by busy entrepreneurs and celebrities alike… but for those very reasons it can also inundate those who are new to it.

If you’d like to make the most of this great social media platform, here are 5 tips to getting you started on Twitter. Continue reading “5 tips to getting started on Twitter”

Creating a newsletter

A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your subscribers. It helps you to build on your authority status, whilst (hopefully!) raising your likeability with them.

Building a monthly newsletter doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. If you have a free opt-in for your website and are currently using an autoresponder/email marketing platform to build your list, then you have all the tools you need. Continue reading “Creating a newsletter”

How to construct a blog – top tips!

When you’ve made a decision to start a blog it can seem like a daunting task. There’s the worry about what to write about, as well as keeping it interesting AND committing to actually write content on a regular basis… and that before you’ve even started to think about how to actually construct a blog! Continue reading “How to construct a blog – top tips!”

Is marketing a dirty word for you…?

If you ask most entrepreneurs what they dislike doing in their business, the answers will invariably be ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’. Both words immediately have you thinking of touting your wares and trying to PUSH someone into a sale – an image that is full of pressure, awkwardness and has long made both words seem tarnished and dirty. Continue reading “Is marketing a dirty word for you…?”

Why Your Business NEEDS a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the fastest growing social media platform – that’s a fact. It’s growing faster than Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube, with two new profiles being created every second. So, are you making the most of this opportunity… or are you thinking it’s just for those businesses that are larger than yours, or those who sell business to business products and services?

LinkedIn for brand awarenessBrand awareness

The fact is LinkedIn is a social media platform but, with it’s old reputation for being seen predominantly as a recruiting site, it is often overlooked and underutilised. That reputation is gradually being changed to one of a business networking site – and you’ll want to be on there to ride that growing wave. As is the case with other social media sites, it’s well worth your time being on there, due to the huge potential for exposure and visibility that you and your company can gain as a result.

The LinkedIn Company Page

Once a contact visits your personal profile, they have the opportunity to read more about you as an individual – but they also have the chance to click through and investigate your company details too – and this will take them to your company page, if you have one. This page can be a dedicated space to, not only raise your brand awareness through your colour schemes and logos, but to also display videos, blog posts, ebooks, white papers and to share the latest company news with your followers.

Linkedin for LikesYou can also showcase specific products and services via the “showcase pages”. This gives you to opportunity to highlight those initiatives and products that would benefit from distinct messaging and segmentation, whilst showing how they fit into your business model as a whole.


Interaction with your clients, potential clients and future strategic partners is what must be at the heart of all social media – and LinkedIn is no exception. By posting regular updates and informative content, you will be encouraging your contacts to interact with your company, as well as the opportunity to “follow” you… ensuring they receive all further updates and news too.

Finally, whether you’re already at the stage where you can recruit staff, or are just building up to it, you can list your job opportunities on the site, as it is still one of the top (and most trusted) recruitment sites for job seekers!

Do you use LinkedIn and have you set up a company page… or do you avoid it, in favour of the other social media sites? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on Linked In, both generally and about their company pages – so why not share them in the comments box below?


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