Guest blogging: what are the benefits?

Guest blogging for other sites has so many benefits. Take a look at what you can gain from it AND how you can get started – easily and quickly, with these simple steps.


When you post your content on other people’s sites, you’re gaining exposure for both them and you. You both benefit from the exchange – they get to give their readers extra content and you get your name in front of those readers – meaning further exposure for you. Continue reading “Guest blogging: what are the benefits?”

Liven up your blog posts

Writing blog posts can be such an effort! Coming up with initial ideas may not be so much of an issue, but finding the time to write blog posts AND making them interesting… well that’s another matter. Blog posts don’t have to be boring – and they certainly don’t have to be just a page of text – so use these ideas to liven up your blog posts and get the inspiration and creativity flowing again! Continue reading “Liven up your blog posts”

Can a VA blog on my behalf?

When it comes to your blog content, it can be really time-consuming! You know you need to blog regularly, in order to build your audience, your email list and your tribe. However, finding and creating content for your blog can be a real drag on your time. So should you hire a VA to blog on your behalf? Continue reading “Can a VA blog on my behalf?”

How to construct a blog – top tips!

When you’ve made a decision to start a blog it can seem like a daunting task. There’s the worry about what to write about, as well as keeping it interesting AND committing to actually write content on a regular basis… and that before you’ve even started to think about how to actually construct a blog! Continue reading “How to construct a blog – top tips!”

Repurpose Your Content and Save Time

We all use content in various guises. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, social media updates or tweets, we all have a massive amount of prewritten content at our disposal… but how many times do we actually make full use of the resources we have already produced?

repurposing content to save timeWhy repurpose content?

When it comes to our own material, content truly is king! Each week we all spend a massive amount of time trying to think up new ideas, new blog posts and new things to talk about – and this is time we could reclaim by repurposing our existing content.

Repurposing content is not just a timesaver – it’s also a great way to reach those people who aren’t in your original circle of fans. For example, if your preferred media is text, you could create a podcast and reach a whole new potential fan base.

Adapt to suit

The basic way to repurpose your content is to take your blog posts and articles and post snippets of them onto social media, in the form of text quotes? Pictures are amongst the most often shared posts on social media – so why not create picture quotes and increase the likeability factor?

time saving ideasChange format

As previously mentioned above, if you change the format of something you’re more likely to reach a whole new fan base – so look to create different versions of your existing content. For example, you could create podcasts, videos and downloadable PDF checklists, or even create an eBook from your old blog posts.

The rule of three

When it comes to creating content from your existing work, think of how you can use the same content at least three times. This gives you triple the amount of content for just a small amount of extra time – saving you even more time in the long run, as you won’t have to keep thinking up new ideas!

Get into the habit

Finally, get into the habit of writing all of your new content ideas down – along with at least three ways you can repurpose them. This will ensure you’re automatically making the absolute most out of all future content you create. In the meantime, go through your existing content and, using the rule of three, make a note of how you may like to repurpose it – and then make a plan to gradually work through them.

Do you currently repurpose your existing content? If not, what one action step will you take to ensure you’re utilising your creations? Why not share your opinions and intentions in the comments box below?


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