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We have all set a New Year resolution for our personal or business life; and most of us have forgotten about it within the first month of setting the intention! We all have dreams and resolutions that we want to achieve but, unless there’s a clear structure and deadline to that dream… it will stay as just that.

goal settingTurning those dreams and resolutions into a goal can be relatively easy – and there’s such a vast array of goal setting tools to choose from. Whether you’re looking to set business or personal goals, analytical or creative, there’s a tool to suit your situation and style – and I’ve listed a few below to get you started.


SMART is a popular coaching tool for goal setting. Why’s it so popular? Well, it is a great way to ensure your goals are reachable, as it uses a set system for setting out your goals, using the acronym “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. SMART is perfect for personal and business goals.


Following on from SMART, SWOT is a great way of analysing and evaluating whether your goal is going to give you the most benefits. It gets you to look at the associated Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats around a specific focus area – making it ideal for business-related goals.


Another business analysis tool, PESTLE gets you to look at the surrounding landscape of your business, and make decisions based on the impact of your goals. The six elements covered are: Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Eco-environmental.

goal settingMind Maps

Mind maps are a great way of engaging the right side of your brain. Most mind map tools focus on the left side, as this deals with words and repetition – but the right side of your brain brings imagery into the time management equation – and those images are easier for your subconscious to understand. Mind maps are perfect for both personal and business-related goals.

90 Day Plans

Most business owners set plans for six or twelve months at a time. The problem with this is they usually end up procrastinating for the first few months! This is where the 90 day plan came into effect – it’s long enough to ensure you have time to achieve your goals – but short enough to keep you engaged and motivated. Use the 90 Day Plan to set three personal and three business-related goals.

Goal setting is a key part of your business and personal success. What’s particularly effective with the five business tools above is they can be used independently and together, to ensure maximum success. For example, if following the 90 day plan, you can easily use the SMART system of goal setting to ensure your personal goals are realistic.

Are you more of a visual or creative person? Look to start with a mind map before moving on to the SMART system. Setting business goals? Use SWOT and PESTLE to ensure you know the overall impact they will have on your business and work colleagues.

What is your preferred method of goal setting? Do you have a technique that works every time for you – but isn’t listed above? Why not share your goals and techniques in the comments box below?

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