Become a VA: Step 4 – Create a Clear Message

A lot of VAs launch into their business, having looked around to see how others are describing themselves and then just follow suit.

But, what if you knew there was a more powerful way to get your message across that did NOT sound the same as everyone else?

Once you have identified your ideal clients or, taking it a step further, your niche, then you have to start thinking about how you are going to explain what you do when someone makes an enquiry, what to write on your website and what to say when you go to networking meetings.

Think about this – What is it about your VA business that will make your ideal client want to do business with you?  That is the clear message you should convey.

Benefits Definition Magnifier Showing Bonus Perks Or RewardsMany VAs will jump in and tell people what they believe to be the benefits of using a VA, such as saving you time and money, no overheads, only paying for the time you do the work etc etc!  However, I can tell you now that will not make you, as an individual, stand out from the crowd.  You want to get noticed for something different and it is that which will get you the business.

Your message needs to convey the benefits and be able to demonstrate clearly how you will support them and detail the results of that support over a long term period. You will also need to put across what that means to them and their business, the positive consequences of working with you.

Think about this – What is it about your VA business that will make your ideal client want to do business with you? Much of it is based on the fact that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. So why should someone know, like and trust you?

hand shows target customers diagram on dirt backgroundFind an opportunity to grab potential clients attention first and
 the opportunity to keep them interested long enough to build that trust and demonstrate the value of using your services. Start with your marketing message. This is what people will be reading about you or hearing from you. Be clear in both your written and your verbal communications. Be consistent across the full spectrum of communications – don’t say one thing on one site and something else on another.

People want to know what you do, how you will work together, and what’s in it for them based on their profile as your ideal client.

Most people have an intention for their business or a desire for their lifestyle so you want to appeal to your prospective clients by word association. Therefore, to answer the question ‘what’s in it for me?’, use words associated with what you believe your niche intends or desires.

Have a unique selling point.

If you are to stand out as a sought after VA, then you need to be very clear about what you can do for your niche, how you help them with areas where they are struggling so that you can identify the benefits you can bring to the working partnership. What will be your unique selling point? Be Clear – Stand Out!

Put yourself into your ideal client’s shoes and think about what concerns and challenges they were experiencing.

Based on what answers you have gained through that exercise, turn the answers into questions or a statement, so that if this is something which they read on your website, or something you have written a blog about, they can easily identify with
you and you start to stand out.

So tell me in the Comments section below how you create your clear message or define your unique selling point.

Join me next week, where we will be talking about Charging your worth. 

VACT-Logo-Green_png-250pxAmanda Johnson of Your Executive Secretary Limited is a licensed Trainer of the VACT.  If you would like to book yourself on the next Taster Session in your area then please click here or if you would like to book a free 30 minute breakthrough call then click here

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