Become a VA: Step 3 – Selling isn’t a dirty word

Many VAs when they launch their business, initially think that the sales will come because they have a website, they are on social media, they are advertising in the local paper etc. Then they have an “Aha” moment and realize that they need to “sell” themselves – and all of a sudden they are terrified. Often scared that they are not good at it.

Panic Or Calm Signpost Showing Chaos Relaxation And RestThe mistake here is thinking that you have to “sell” yourself all of the time, that every networking meeting, chance meeting at the school gate is a “must sell” opportunity.

Yes there is a sales element to your business and it is important you get that bit refined.  However, DO remember that you have to first get people to know, like and trust you first and that you’re creating awareness of what you do and for whom.  Remember to be confident too, as this helps people to connect with you and trust you.

When you’re selling you must first aim to understand the problem that needs resolving, so step into the mind of the prospect and imagine what they’re thinking. They may have some resistance or hesitation on their part, in fact this may not be the first contact you are having with them.

Online Marketing Pyramid Showing Blogs Websites Social Media And Email ListsGenerally it takes between 7 and 14 touches before someone buys from you. A touch could be a discussion, an email, a business card, a flyer, a newsletter, a tweet or Facebook post etc. Remember in the previous steps I mentioned the importance of building relationships with people. You may be feeling frustrated that this isn’t the first conversation with them, however, one of the areas many VAs fail, or indeed other industries too, is in the fact they forget to remember that the prospect may not be ready right now to buy or they may have objectives, concerns or an unclear understanding of how you can help solve their problems.

Therefore, think about the following…

  1. What objections could a potential client have. Remember that objections don’t necessarily mean No – they just need to understand the value. How you respond could determine the outcome. You could say things such as “I can see why you might think that.”, or “I understand why you would believe that.”, or “That’s a great question…”.
  2. They may have a number of problems that they need solving in their business and they want to understand how you can solve those problems or what solutions you may have to their challenges.
  3. They may be conscious about money and think you might be an expense they don’t need. Your aim is to help them understand the benefits to working with you and therefore the value you can add to their business, instead of being a drain on their financial resources.
  4. They want to know that working with you from the start will be easy. You will probably have a system for conducting your new client consultation, where you will implement a process to get started with them. They may be thinking that there is so much to get done and to teach you about their business and even feel overwhelmed by this, especially as they’re busy.

If you can prepare how you will handle these scenarios then your sales process will be much more effective.

Your prospective client wants to know that you can deliver amazing value, an excellent service with great support, that you have (in some cases) relevant experience or at least understand what their challenges in business are, that you’re forward thinking, proactive instead of reactive and at the end of the day, above all else, what will really sell it to them, is that you can help them to become more productive too, so that they can focus on achieving those very important goals. Those important goals will determine for them their business success and the impact on their personal life too.

Next week, we will start to look at how you market yourself and your VA business.

VACT-Logo-Green_png-250pxAmanda Johnson of Your Executive Secretary Limited is a licensed Trainer of the VACT.  If you would like to book yourself on the next Taster Session in your area then please click here or if you would like to book a free 30 minute breakthrough call then click here

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