7 easy ways to build a relationship with your clients

Whether you’re new to business or have been going it alone for a while, building a relationship with your clients is key to your business success. However, when you talk about a building a relationship, most entrepreneurs immediately think of their mailing list and the potential clients on that. After all – they know the money is in the list, right?

vouchers for customersBut taking the time to build relationships with your existing clients should also be high on your list too. Your existing clients have already shown they have faith in you, so why not work to build an even better relationship with them and turn them into long-term, valued clients – by using a combination of these 7 relationship-building strategies.

#1: Vouchers/offers/discounts

We all love a bargain. Whether it’s a limited time offer or a long-term loyalty percentage discount – they’re easy to create and implement.

#2: Make recommendations

This isn’t (and shouldn’t) be limited to your own products and services. Look to recommend products and services that will benefit your clients and, either add value, or enrich their lives in some way.

#3: Recommending other people

Stop thinking of competition and start thinking of collaboration. Look to build a network of professional contacts you can refer to your clients, should they need their services.

#4: Acknowledge birthdays and special occasions

It’s often the little thoughtful things you do that stand out in your clients minds – and this is one of those things. Whether you opt to send a physical card in the mail or opt for an electronic version, taking the time to wish them well on a special day is both thoughtful and memorable.

Customer Service#5: Send over useful information

The more you get to know your clients, the better this will work – and there are so many different ways this can work. For example, you may find out they love a particular brand of stationery and you happen to know they’re having a sale. Why not send them a quick note to let them know?

#6: Help them shine

If they run their own business, why not help them out and recommend them to your other clients and your social media followers? If they’re personal clients, when they reach a desired end goal – congratulate them on your social media (obviously adhering to confidentiality and obtaining their permission first!).

#7: Help them find solutions

It could just be that they are looking to find a new employee or want to find a carpet fitter in their area. Help them out by posting a shout-out for help among your own contacts.

Building relationships with your existing clients isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to take valuable time or cost you money. Just be observant and pay attention to what your clients reveal about themselves. The end result – not only will your relationship with your clients improve, you’ll also become a valuable asset to them too!

What tips do you have for building client relationships? Do you have an active strategy in place for this, or is it something you haven’t yet implemented? Why not share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below.

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